About Us

Let’s start with introductions! Localicious started as an idea months ago, with a totally different concept.  Becca and Lynsi met at a food startup weekend in January 2020 with a vision of reducing food waste while improving access to local food and boosting kitchen confidence within the community. Lynsi is Eugene chef and meal planner and Becca is an Organic Farmer and local food advocate.

Chef Lynsi
Farmer Becca

Localicious is currently a grassroots effort to make sure our community is just getting food!  Everyone is scrambling and we are doing our best to keep up with the ever changing. Becca is tapping into the local food market and you can buy from several local farmers and ranches from Lane County. Lynsi works directly with other vendors as a chef, and many have been affected by the lack of restaurant orders.  We are utilizing their offerings to ensure you have all the options, as well as the security of a stocked pantry and fridge during these uncertain times.