How It Works

Each kit is portioned for 2 and delivered on Wednesdays afternoon. Currently our menu is a weekly rotation of whatever is in season! Simple instructions help guide you through preparation and inspire you to try new cooking methods. Know where your food is coming from and get introduced to the local farmers and ranchers your cooking with so you can eat well, while doing good for your community. We email our Prep Cards to avoid wasting paper and send them out Wednesday mornings.

Choice of Vegetarian, Ranchers Edition and Gluten Free!- Each kit is based off spotlighting seasonal veggies from Lane County Farmers!  Vegetarian option receives a complete meal and may include seasonal veggie burgers, heirloom beans, and occasionally tempeh or tofu.  Rancher’s kits feature a meat pairing and may vary from fish, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and occasionally bison or rabbit depending on the meal and seasonal availability.  If you have allergies or dietary needs, please check with us first to see if we can accommodate. 

Subscribe for Mindful Packaging and Ease– By becoming subscriber, a one time sign up fee goes towards purchasing a set of reusable Localicious containers, that will be swapped out with your next delivery! Please rinse them out and remove any food debris or sauce after you’ve prepared your meal, and place them back in the bag with the lids off.  Leave them on your doorstep the following delivery for swapping out. We take them, wash and sanitize them for the following kit.
Choose between weekly or biweekly delivery for your Farm Fusion Meal Kit. Select add ons that can be delivered at a frequency of your choice too for easy, wholesome meals throughout the week