Try It! Ranchers Edition Farm Fusion Meal Kit




Sample a Farm Fusion Meal Kit with a 1 time purchase!

Delivered on Wednesdays- Sunday Night Order Cut Off

Inspired by our local farmers and ranchers in Lane County, the foundation of this Kit is seasonal veggies with a rotating addition of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and even fish from local growers and fisheries in Lane County.

Some preparation is necessary to best enjoy your meal! You will receive simple instructions that walk you through creating your meal and help you explore new cooking methods. Get introduced to the local farmers and ranchers your meal kit came from and feel good about uplifting your community while eating the freshest, nourishing food.

Deliveries are each Wednesday and is best cooked within 2 days for peak freshness.  Each kit is portioned for 2 individuals.

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Ranchers Edition, Gluten Free Ranchers Edition